What is Sanctuary?

Sanctuary is about providing support, dignity and welcome to refugees and people seeking sanctuary.

A Culture of Welcome and Inclusivity

Wandsworth Welcomes Refugees is the local lead for City of Sanctuary (CoS), the national charity which works to build a culture of hospitality and inclusiveness, predominantly for asylum seekers and refugees. City of Sanctuary coordinates and supports networks and community groups, like Wandsworth Welcomes Refugees.

Accredited Sanctuaries
Partners in Wandsworth
Years of Welcome

What does becoming a Sanctuary involve?

Wandsworth Welcomes Refugees works locally with organisations in the community and voluntary sector who want to extend their activities to include safe and welcoming spaces for those seeking asylum, refugees and vulnerable migrants. We build on a strong base of local organisations with initiatives to welcome.

Build on what you do already

Organisations looking to provide Sanctuary space and activities maintain their core purpose but develop additional activities and outreach that include sanctuary-seekers to welcome all into their scope and reach. Nationally organisations include schools, libraries, theatres and the arts, advice centres, sports clubs, faith-based groups, gardens, health providers, and many more.

Be part of a bigger plan

Our Sanctuary support strengthens Wandsworth Council plans to become a Borough of Sanctuary, joining many cities, boroughs and localities recognised as a Sanctuary by City of Sanctuary for their plans and achievements. Wandsworth Council’s three-year Sanctuary Strategy will transform the borough’s ability to welcome and support all those seeking sanctuary.

Contribute through learning, sharing and embedding

Our vision is a vibrant network which extends beyond, but strengthens, Council actions. This community base is made up of many different kinds of organisations and places where dignified, warm and supported welcome extends to all those seeking sanctuary.

“We are proud of the work that Wandsworth Welcomes Refugees has achieved across the Borough and are excited to engage with more of the community across a range of new projects. I know that people here really care about making the borough a welcoming place for all. We are a friendly team of volunteers, all passionate about achieving positive change in Wandsworth, and really look forward to welcoming new members who share the same vision.”

Penny Rogers


“Getting involved in Wandsworth Welcomes Refugees was a great decision for me - it has created a real sense of community for me in my area, I’ve met brilliant people, and we’re making a difference. Creating a welcoming and supportive borough for people who have been forced to flee their homes is so important - and there are a lot of people in Wandsworth who care deeply and work hard to achieve this. Join us!”

Ellie Pyemont

Treasurer and Trustee

Interested in becoming a place of sanctuary?

 We can help local organisations to work towards becoming an accredited sanctuary.