Wandsworth Welcomes Refugees

Since 2016, we’ve been building and supporting a more welcoming Wandsworth for people forced to flee their homes. Starting as a grassroots community group, and now a registered charity, we believe everyone who seeks sanctuary should be provided support, dignity and welcome.

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Community Welcome 

Places of Sanctuary

We help local organisations to work towards becoming an accredited sanctuary. Becoming a place of sanctuary is an accredited process, drawing on the experience of sanctuary seekers, and guided by the national City of Sanctuary approach of: learning about refuge, embedding actions and sharing practices.

  • Learn: find out what it means to be seeking sanctuary; and actively involved in awareness raising.

  • Embed: take positive action to make welcome and inclusion part of the values of your organisation or community, to support people who are seeking asylum and people who are refugees, and to include them in your activities.

  • Share your vision and achievements: let others know about the positive contribution of people seeking sanctuary make to our society and the benefits of a welcoming culture to everyone.

Accessing Services

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As a volunteer-led charity, Wandsworth Welcomes Refugees is dedicated to supporting those seeking sanctuary in Wandsworth by partnering with other organisations. We strive to cultivate a community of welcome and aid, although direct services and casework are beyond our scope.

Direct Support

There are organisations who can help find and provide you with the items you need - whether a warm coat, a set of toiletries, to donated smartphones and bicycles, their volunteers can help.

Case Work Support

There are other organisations who provide advocacy support and advice specifically about the immigration and asylum system and can provide support regarding schools, housing and health access.

“We are proud of the work that Wandsworth Welcomes Refugees has achieved across the Borough and are excited to engage with more of the community across a range of new projects. I know that people here really care about making the borough a welcoming place for all. We are a friendly team of volunteers, all passionate about achieving positive change in Wandsworth, and really look forward to welcoming new members who share the same vision.”

Penny Rogers


“Getting involved in Wandsworth Welcomes Refugees was a great decision for me - it has created a real sense of community for me in my area, I’ve met brilliant people, and we’re making a difference. Creating a welcoming and supportive borough for people who have been forced to flee their homes is so important - and there are a lot of people in Wandsworth who care deeply and work hard to achieve this. Join us!”

Ellie Pyemont

Treasurer and Trustee

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