Wandsworth Welcomes Refugees


We are a group of local people, organisations and faith groups who are extending the hand of friendship to those who have had to leave their homes. As an umbrella organisation for refugees and asylum seekers in Wandsworth, we also promote and support the work being done by local refugee charities.

We want to build a welcoming community that accepts refugees when they arrive, so we work across different channels, including the press, to dispel prejudice and promote positive stories. We are lobbying the Council about housing for refugees. We also send regular newsletters to our membership – nearly 200 people and growing – about local efforts to support refugees and events to raise awareness.

We believe there is a lot of untapped goodwill in Wandsworth, and across the country. 

“We have far more in common with each other than that which divides us.” - Jo Cox
Sound Lounge event sold out
Refugees having fun in Battersea Park

We're based in the Wandsworth Borough of London, United Kingdom

Email us: wandsworthwelcomesrefugees@gmail.com 

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