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Tooting residents concerned at immigration enforcement

Many Tooting residents are outraged at a Met Police Team, with Immigration Enforcement officials present, who raided delivery riders on 18 May. In 90 minutes, the joint action stopped 48 bikes (cycles and mopeds). Dr Rosena Allin-Khan has complained that this looks like ‘racial profiling’. The police claimed this was a ‘road safety policing operation’, while the Home Office said it was an operation in the same street as police in relation to ‘suspected immigration offences’. Dr Allin-Khan pointed out that the conflicting accounts do not build public trust. The Evening Standard reported her saying: 'During discussions with the police, I expressed my concerns regarding the insensitivity of the tweet and its celebratory tone. I also shared my view, that valuable police time should not be used to prop up Home Office operations.' On 30 May, 80 people marched through Tooting to show their support. Organised by Wandsworth Stand up to Racism and a number of trade unions, it was well-received by locals on a busy Tooting Sunday. Read and share Dr Rosena Allin-Khan MP's Twitter thread here.

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