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Ask Wandsworth Council to take in and support as many Afghan refugees as possible - please sign!

Updated: Aug 24

Please sign to urge Wandsworth Council to set an ambitious target for resettling Afghan refugee families in the borough and to write to the Prime Minister and Home Secretary indicating Wandsworth’s support for the establishment of the refugee settlement programme for Afghans fleeing persecution.

You can also email your MP about it here:

And your councillors here:

The three MPs with constituencies in the borough are calling on the council to work with community organisations like Wandsworth Welcomes Refugees, the South London Refugee Association, CARAS, Katherine Low Settlement, Just Shelter, Battersea Welcomes Refugees and local faith groups to ensure refugees are embraced and supported.

“The situation in Afghanistan is beyond heart-breaking. The images of people clinging desperately to departing planes are etched into my mind. The UK must act now, in collaboration with the international community, to address the unfolding humanitarian crisis. “We must not turn our backs on the people of Afghanistan. We cannot allow the hard-won rights of women and girls to evaporate overnight, nor should we abandon the brave people and their families who risked their lives to help our armed forces. The Government must take steps to ensure aid can reach those in need to prevent further human suffering." Fleur Anderson, MP for Putney

Please sign to show your support - it really does make a difference. Thank you.

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